Wierd dreams.

Any one have an wierd dreams lately? Just last night i drempt that I won a lottery when i get to stuff a box with as many fireworks as i could all for free. I should really stop eating too many potato chips before i go to bed.
I dreamt this morning....that i woke up and took a shower...then i actually woke up...and took a shower...it was awesome
i usually dream of myself dying - its always first person and i always fall off some cliff that looks like the grand canyon, and as i near the ground i look up to the top of the cliff and always wake up...freaky...
falling dreams are always scaring

speaking of deing i had a dream where i was in the city and i behind a corner of a building i had a gun in my hand but i can't remember what it was. I'm breathing hard and i think to myself , " will I make it through this battle? " and thats the end of it. freaked the heck out of me.
what? oh baron you have dreams every night you just dont remember them...o i had this one i was in the water and a shark was comin at me so i woke up and saw the back of a chair that looked like a shark
Whenever I remember my dreams, they're always just of normal days. Going to school, watching TV, playing games, going to the store, whatever. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When I was younger I used to wake up and immediately fall back to sleep sometimes, dreaming that I had gotten up and eaten breakfast. I would always be so confused when my mom came in yelled at me that I hadn't eaten breakfast and that I was going to be late.
sometimes i have dreams where i get new girlffriends, then i wake up and my girlfriend calls and im all confused :(
yea i usually get violent dreams, ppl sneaking up on me, dark allys, narrow streets,or being locked up in LA county jail=/
I just had a dream that some girl in my class from last year smacked me several time across my face very hard. I remember i got very angry in the dream but then i just woke up and thought about how i have very stupid dreams.
i had a dream that i got shot and when i woke up my shoulder and back were sore for a couple days, which is where i got shot, and that happened like 2 years ago, i dont think ill ever forget it, it was so life like
I dreamt this morning....that i woke up and took a shower...then i actually woke up...and took a shower...it was awesome

LOL awesome....

I used to dream when i was a kid or as the doctor described my problem as "NIGHT TERRORS" i dont have them anymore but when i was about like 8 i used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming and going around hitting anything in my path... and then id wake up the next morning and not even remember it....

As for real dreams... i have one every once in a blue moon... and there usually something along the lines of me doing something cool and then at the very end someone come up and shoot me in the face with a gun and i wake up...
Ya, My last cool dream would have to have been were I was play battlefield 2142.....but in real life, it was creepy, bloody, and scary, and what thor said, a lot of my dreams are sex/violent dreams :D...... so I cant post some of them B)
this is my favorite dream that i will never i mean never forget ever, omg what was it?!?.....

o yes my school had a practice "terrorist attack" and we had to sit in a corner and not move or talk. The following night i drempt that there really was a terrorist attack at my school. To try to make it simple it like i became a ct from cs:s, (back when this happened i was a css jumkie, then dod can into my life). So i basically went around my school poppin terrosists in the face and toward the end of the dream one of the terrosist says, " Hey i know your hacking and i'm going to tell an admin about this! " after that i woke from my mom telling me its time for school. dang moms and their bad timing to get you up.