Pet Peeves

There is at least 10000 things that make me mad everyday.... We all have pet peeves. They can be from little things like, your bro not putting down the toliet lid after use, to big things like people who people for no reason. <--- Thats an obvious :D , So now here please list you pet peeves, here mine:

PET PEEVE- Cheap People, People who chew with there mouths open.

EXPLANATION- I really don't like people who are cheap, I believe people should spend what they can afford, nothing less..... And people who chew with their mouths open are gross, its irritating and disgusting... Some of my friends do it, I wondering if their moms every taught them not to eat like a pig. I hate it when people chew with their mouths open so much, I refuse going to the movie theatre bc of popcorn, Ruins the movie for me 100%

Heres the format you should use:


PET PEEVE - Racism

EXPLANATION - I suppose it's a big one to start off with but it is probably one of the biggest problems. It's stupid, and completely unjustified. A person came on the AVA server I think it was today under an offensive name, probably a 12 year old who picked up the word from an older friend or a person on the street. Anti-Racism should definitaly be enforced more firmly to make people of a different race or religion's lives easier.

And lol and blindsfell's post.
PET PEEVE - Get to into things

EXPLANATION - Doesnt matter if its a video game or a sport.... i get way to into it especially if im concentrating on playing DOD i can get pretty into it.... jumping when i get shot .....
Pet Peeve - Racism

Exlpanation - People...theres always gonna be different races out freaking get over it


Pet Peeve - Hip - Hop

Explanation - In what way is this genre even a genre - its people talking about doing things like having sex, doing drugs, talks a lot about girls, and JUMPING ON A CAR IN NEUTRAL!? WTF!? (im from the east bay in CA - where this whole "hyphy movement" started and i still dont get it...
PET PEEVE - people who think they are cool when they curse.

EXPLANATION - Well this usally apllies to 12 year olds and I hate it when they curse alot it makes them think they are cool, but here is the thing it is not! They are annoying when they curse constantlly I am not saying this applies to all 12 year olds just some of them.
PET PEEVE- being late or people who are late

EXPLANATION- for me to be comfortable, i have to know about how long something is going to take to happen; and when people are late, that annoys the hell out of me because it means that whatever i had planned for the rest of the day gets pushed back.
PET PEEVE- Hypocrits

EXPLANATION- Im getting so worked up about it, i can't type an explanation atm.
PET PEEVE - newbies who dont reload.

EXPLANATION - Dude man's been camping in a corner for half an hour, you run by, he gets off 3 bullets and you hear a click. You proceed to no-scope the poor soul. I see that way too much, and its annoyed me in every online fps I've ever played.
Lol @ Kamphy.

PET PEEVE - Kamphy with a Kar =[.

EXPLANATION - Because no matter how far away you are, or how fast you're running, you always die lol.
Lol @ Kamphy.

PET PEEVE - Kamphy with a Kar =[.

EXPLANATION - Because no matter how far away you are, or how fast you're running, you always die lol.