adding models to GMod


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well i have tried getting models on to gmod...i've read the readmes and they dont help..could someone help me :(
well i have sucessfully done this, all you have to do is go to my computer then program files. then find your steam folder. Next go to steamapps. Then their click on our account name. GO to garry's mod, then click on the garry's mod folder in garry's mod folder. then go to addons. Now open up your zip folder, if their is more than one thing in it besdies the read me take the zip folder and put it in Addons folder, but if there is only one thing take that folder drag it ot your addons folder, then it will copy its conents in it. then it should say somtin like do you want to replace these files, then say YES TO ALL. then it should work.
when i get a mod, i extract it to my desktop, and keep opening the folders till i see something like "lua, or models, or materials", then just put them into your gmod folder, when it say "replace?", click "yes to all", pretty much what moneymaker said, it works for me every time....and by the way, do you have WinRAR?, cause thats what you need
yeah i have winRaR......hmmmm i cant figure it out..and yeah i add the right ones to addons and yet they dont work..but all of a sunden the cs:s stuff started to work ...hmmmm