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The Steam community has no entered beta, read more about it here >HERE<

Features include:
* Easily see your friends online
* Schedule group events
* Create a SteamID user profile
* Create and join groups
* Access Steam from within any game
* Track gameplay stats
* New chat rooms and game lobbies

* Voice chat in-game or out

How to get it i hear you ask?

Restart steam
Beta participation
Steam community checked
Restart steam
Go to Steam community tab

And enjoy.

yea it is really awsome but we are really gonna need an council member so set up an ego page before some1 else steals the name from us!
Well the group name Edge Gamers Organization is available, as is the abbreviation eGO, but the group shortcut is not available. I guess we'll have to go for instead.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and is anyone else having trouble uploading their avatar? I have a 34KB PNG avatar that just won't work. I click upload and after about 90 seconds, the page reloads, I still have the question marks and the upload/browse buttons/area is just replaced by a big white box.
You're going to have to all invite eachother. I made it so all members can toss out invites.