Tokyo Game Show

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lot of new trailers coming out from this weeks Tokyo Game Show. Head over to to see the latest games. Ninja Gaiden: Sigma & Halo WArs looks so awesome! Halo Wars is not Halo 3 btw.. trailer is all prerendered but still looks hot.
Halo Wars isnt Halo 3. It's completley diffrent. Think its beign produced by LOTR's Peter Jackson along with Bungie to make it alot more cinematic. As far a gameplay I have no idea how it will work but from what I've heard its squad based like Brothers In Arms but no Masterchief. :(
As for me I will get both Halo versions along with PS3 stuff. ... I love Nov. and Christmas :p .A friend of mine is a area manager at EB here in town and he told me that preorders on the PS3 will start 1st week of Oct.
Meh...Xbox 360 ftw. PS3 is overhyped and WAY overpriced. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas...don't really want it though.
i have a problem with halo, it would be good if they moved faster, and made it for computer, i just cant aim with 2 little joysticks, lol. i know they made halo one for comp, but they move even slower than in halo 2
I agree totally. The joystick config kinda gets old and is ok in 3rd person view but with a FPs its a pain. I actually bought the original Halo for PC after playing it on XBOX and it did play better but no diffrence in gameplay.
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