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Hey ppl if your into hip hop and rap you all should check out this 2 sites, they have good stuff about the music community and also lists of playable songs that are about to released in the future.

***Please if your not a fan of the hiphop/rap community dont flame this thread. I dont prejudice no one cause of the music they choose to jam to. Keep your opinions towards yourself. ~:( ***
I'm not flaming this thread, but I have one question. What's R&B? It stands for rhythm and blues, but most of them these days are rap music.
Your right man, it is rhythm and blues. Maybe your confused with whats the "real" classified r&b music.

To explain what's the real r&b sound like in my own words, lets just say that with a real r&b song you can feel the "butterflies in your stomach" as in the first time you fall in love. R&B is like kind of supposed to be soft music that you can dance with a female. Most R&B songs are on the topic about love.

If you want to get a good taste of whats real R&B music, download KC and Jojo - All My Life . That song its a true R&B classic song. Even though the song goes back to the 90's, most women still admire the song.
Thanks for the answer. I'm not into rap music, but I was thinking that you had an answer to my question since it sort of has a bearing.

I just remember that there was a time where R&B was sort of a sad, mellow genre mostly played with brass instruments. Now it just seems to have a ghetto twist. I think the version I'm thinking of is contemporary R&B.

The grasp on what true R&B as been lost. It's changed so much that when some thinks of R&B, they don't think of B.B. King, but they think or 2Pac or Chris Brown.

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