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1. New game modes - New game modes would be modes such as King of the Hill, Elimination, and Deathmatch. These modes would also have new maps made specifically for each mode.

2. New maps - New maps made specifically for the two current game modes, Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy.

3. New class w/ new weapons - A new class for each side, Allies and Wehrmacht. Could be classes such as Paratrooper, Field Commander, Engineer, and Medic. New weapons could include, for the Axis, the FG42, MG34, Gewehr 43 Semi-auto rifle, and Luger pistol. New weapons for the Allies could include the M3A1 Grease gun, M1903 rifle, Trench shotgun, and Thompson SMG with 50-round drum clip. New weapons for both classes could include anti-personal mines and small mortars for engineers, and bandages/medkits for medics to heal teammates.

4. Vehicle maps w/ vehicles - New maps made specifically for new, drivable vehicles. These vehicles could include light tanks, halftracks, jeeps, and motorbikes with MG-mounted sidecars (tons of fun :p ). 88MM Flak cannons could also be created for quickly taking out tanks or suppressing enemy positions. A loader would also be needed to operate it.
All 4 of your ideas can be downloaded and added at http://dodcustomcontent.com/

Don’t look for any of these except maybe a map in the future. If it's not broke, Steam is not going to fix it. Beside DOD:S is way behind in player numbers from even condition zero. Valve is not going to spend time, money & manpower doing major updates with game play etc. We will see small updates here and there and those tend to be better anyways. Also the knife in the back of DOD:S will be Team Fortress 2. When it hits Feb 2007 along with Portal & Half-Life 2: Episode Two , player numbers will drop by as much as half and much of Valve's attention will be on those games. This games will be available for PS3 (reason for the pushback on release to get Source up on Sony's new online service). As for now, no mention of DOD:S being available on PS3.. I hope so though, it would bring in a lot of new players that have never experienced this awesome game. If DOD:S is made available for the PS3 then numbers will jump up alot.

This is what the future holds at Valve....
All of that is irrelevent. This wouldn't be a custom download; it would be a "patch" to the entire game. I doubt any of these will ever take place; this is just to see what people would want.
i think some planes would be awesome, maybe not that you can control, or can, but you can have a radioman and you can open a map and click on some quardinants and command a bombing raid, to takeout anmg or tank that would be awesome.
but ofcourse if they had vehicles they probably would be easily destroyed because it would be very unfair..lol, it would be sweet to have a motorcycle with a MG sidecar mounted
Yeah, the vehicles would have to not be unfair, that's why I said light tanks as opposed to main battle tanks. I would hate to see DoD:S turn into BF2...lol.

A new custom map is quickly becoming my favorite map. dod_arras . Lots of wide open space and close combat all in one map. Very similar to Call of Duty's Mulitplayer with long and wide paths and ALOT of flags to capture.




yep. lots of great spots for ambushes! played the other night on a full server with 30 people. Was nuts. You really got to move from cover spot to cover and stay out of the open fields.. or you will get a bullet with your name on it real quick.
Yeah I was fiddling around with the Hammer Editor map maker last night. I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could make maps like those, but they're a LOT of work. I pretty much know the basics, but to make a map truly good, it would take weeks.
I NEED GARRYS MOD. Oh and that's from Dragon-Ball Z...sadly I used to be obsessed with it lol. I own movies, episodes, action fogures, models, posters...lol
Sad?? thats the greatest anime series ever!. I had a huge crush on Gohan when I was little. Had posters everywere.. :D I still think Vegeta is the coolest ever ( got to love the badboys!). That sound clip was when he powered up and killed himself along with Boo. I've got all the DVDs from Dragonball to GT stuff. I cannot wait until the live action Dragonball Z movie!!!! If it's done right in keeping with original storyline it will be a huge HIT.. same with that Transformers movie. ( I loved Beast Wars :D )
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