Hannya mask...almost finished now, PLEASE LOOK :'(

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Jack Rot

i want to be able to create this mask before halloween, i would appreciate any advice in how to put stuff together, this is what i want.




This is what i have to work with.



and some clay maybe and some flesh latex.

Well over 2 days, i put probably about 5 or less hours into it. this is what i have so far.




Just give me your opinions i would like to know what people think, and if you think im weird, yes i do have an obsession with masks. lol.

all i have left to do is apply some paper mache so everything blends together and paint, im not sure what to do for the paint scheme yet, i was thinking a bullethole in the head dripping blood would be really cool, but i dont wanna ruin this mask, so im not sure yet, thanks guys :)
Create...or go the easy way out...Ebay!!!!! Huzzah!!!!
I found some anywhere from $10 to $50. But if your intent on makeing it...im the last person to ask about creativity and all that stuff...stupid un-creative brain...
hah, i have tried ebay and anywhere else that sells them, their either $50 or up, and half of them you cant even wear if you do get a link to one that looks near exact to anyone of those for a cheap price hand the link over ;-), and thanks for replying i hope to get more replies.
I wish we could all call Hollywood and have chats with celebrities....lol...you guys know who I would call...
instead of making that hannya mask i can just email u over my darth vader mask :D i used it for halloween last year but this year im gonna do something different (last year everyone stole my lightsaber and whacked me with it :p)

o and i dont really kno how to make masks except to buy them on ebay ..cant really help ya there
i guess my artwork is not appreciated on this forum, weird how theres 48 views and only 8 replies..and half are my replies.
oh hush up and stop your whining. that's what you get for talking abotu your mask like you're the only one who did it.
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