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A friendly little penquin was driving his penquin car when all of the suddun the car began to run very rough and the check engine light came on.
so the penquin pulled into the handy crab garage and told the the crab mechanic
what had happened.
the crab mechanic told the penquin it would take about an hour to find out what was wrong.
So the penquin said ok and started walking around the block. He stoped by the ice cream shop got an Icecraem and the poor penquin had no hands so the iccream was all ofver his face. He then proceeded back to the garage stopping by the book store and some others.
when he arived the crab came to the penquin and said "well looks like you blew a seal"
the penquin quickly replied and said"no no no it was an icecream cone i swear!!!"
lol Good one. :)
You good sir.. scare me time and time again with your avatar. :(

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