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Hey all, enjoyed playing in your server. Be seeing more of me I'm sure, I enjoy playing in a server that admins actually play in.
Greeting my good man! Glad to see ya made it here. Indeed fun playing with ya, hope to see ya more around...

you pic looks wicked evil...nice. What is it?
It was a fun time last night. I look forward to dodging your bullets more often. :)
Wow, so much love! LOL, thanx for the warm welcome, I really enjoy playing on the edge server, some of the best admins in there I have seen in any server or any game. Um, to answer the questions, DHB stands for DeathsHead Brigade, a clan I founded in 1996, with Duke3D and Shadow Warrior. We branched out into games such as Mech Commander, (champs on Mplayer back in the day), Mech Warrior, pretty much every valve release ever to hit the stands, NWN, Diablo, D2, COH/COV, WOW, etc. Alot of us have grown out of gaming, and don't compete anymore, but I still try to keep up with the young folk. (I'm 40.) I let my dods and css servers go about 6 months ago, just got plain tired of having to babysit everyone, not to mention the fact I was tired of footing the bills for the entire clan. [DHB]GrimReaper, who has been in with me, is my 18 year old son, but after tonite he won't be on for a while, he's heading off to boot camp in the A.M.

The avatar I got like 8 years ago, when I used to run a TFC server and used the callsign HobGoblin. Can't recall where I got it, although I have doctored it a bit over the years.

Waffle that game is hilariious.
Sounds like you sure have a history of gaming. Great to have you around. I've seen both you and your son on the server before. Good luck to your son. Any specific branch of the armed forces he's going into? Marines? If it's classified I understand. Just curious :p
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