HUGE fruit

Baron, fluffy, slayer, I hope you're watching,


holy pineapple batman that's one big pineapple

anyone else like big fruit?
Oh man, if it were only real !!! chop the top, hollow it out a bit, add light rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. That is one mondo Pina Colada !!!! PARTY TIME !!
[quote1186628681=Wal-Mart Security]
AWESOME....I wana be in a picture with big fruit :D

You'd have to talk to Baron about that.
Oh god, I love pineapple.[/quote1186628570]

Fry loves pineapple too.

We do NOT talk about that in decent company...
not sure what you guys are gettin at.. but any ways...

Town of Colborne, Ontario

The Big Apple
you'll never get apple pie from any place as good as here!


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