EGO Is My Life!
Today was my first day of high school. Yah it sucks... on the first day i am already loaded with h/w/. in fact while i draft FF i am doing it. :) Man anyone else goin into freshman year?
lol, you get the most work on the first day because all the classes are synchronized. Once the school year goes on, your classes start to run on different beats and it won't be as bad.

Wait til your freshman year of college...oh what a challenge it is not to fail lol. And it's not even because of the work load hehe.
If homework and getting canned are the most of your worries, your high school experience will be infinitely better than mine. Don't worry about it, it's just another school year.
u will be fine
make some friends and stuff, don't be shy.
i made alot of friends my freshman year but i am going in for my sophomore year, woot woot.
Same here wakka - 5th year college Computer Engineering. Wish i was a business major so i could start my weekend drinking on tuesday night and still get a 4.0 .... ::sigh::

Anyways, how can you be back in school? the earlier high school in my state starts august 18th or 19th or something. This si sooooooo early to start school. Luckily college starts after labor day and get out before you do too. Ha, college rocks (disclaiimer: college sux)
Yeah If you go to highschool in my town you cannot go to school unless you turn in some forms on the first day, its crazy, you get detention all day unstead of learning in class!
Senior in Highschool myself. Hey, Blindsfell. Good tip, do all your homework and get straight A's your freshman and sophomore year and you'll have nearly nothing but electives and noworries for you Junior and/or Senior years. :)
im goin into college too

highschoolw as stupid and easy

i didnt bring any books wrote no notes and still got an 80+ average for my highschool career

not the best idea but if u start to get lazy dont worry as long as ur not like uber lazy ull be fine
I'm a Junior this year. One thing, don't get in the mind set "Oh, I can miss a day here and there." Them things add up =\ lol. But just keep your head up, and pump through when it gets hard and you will be fine.
Well, I'll be TEACHING freshman for the first time this year. Does that help?

At least I can know they're just as nervous about being there, as I am nervous about being around them. I've never taught classes that young before. I always tried to avoid teaching 7-9th grade. Too much puberty stuff going on. Ugh.
im in 10th now, but 9th was actually better, 10t sucks cuz ur nothing when ur in 10, i mean ur THE FRESHMAN when ur in 9th then in 11th u have one year till u graduate, and seniors obviously u graduate but 10th grade? ur nothing! :(