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Is there a such thing as conduct unbecomming of an eGO player when on other servers or does the mature thing only apply inside the eGO realm.
Hmmm...not sure, I dont play other servers, I only play the clan's servers, but, i'd act mature on other servers so you give the clan a good name ;)
um, well when your in other peoples servers, theres not much that can be enforced, but when i play on other servers with my tag on i try to respectful and kind, cuz it gives a good name to our clan. btw if you want pm me the details of who and when and what happened and i may be able to help you out.
It's not an official's more common sense. If you carry the eGO tag, it means you like belonging to the clan and what it stands for.

If you wear the tag on other servers, you in a way represent that clan by your behaviour. We've got ban-on-sight orders for any certain clan tags that show up on the server. That's a negative example of how a tag can get a bad rep. I'm sure there are probably good members of those clans, but the bad ones messed up their rep on our servers.

Hope that answer your question, Greenmonkey.
My question WAS NOT about me, lik you guys all assumed. I already talked to an admin about it

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