I need advice on airsoft pistols!


Hey guys,

I've been trying to buy a spring airsoft pistol, but I've bought 2 and had to take both of them back. Both were bought at walmart, (yes I know not the best place to buy such things) the first ($20) almost instantly started firing multiple shots at once ruining the accuray, and the second's ($37) slider jammed within hours of buying it. My last airsoft gun I had for years so it's not like I don't know how to work one.

So the question is, do you have one you like that cost less that $50, and what is the name of it?

Thank you for your help.
I bought my metal AK-47 off of ebay for about 50 bucks. Fully or semi auto. about 500fps

ummmmm you can get sweet deals on airsoft bbs there too. There are entire stores devoted to airsoft on ebay.

I got some cool paint filled airsoft bbs. they were red so they looked awesome.
um Dicks sporting goods is a pretty good place..as long you can find the hunting section :p
I have a friend who loves his spring DEagle airsoft he got at Canadian Tire or something for like 50 CD (about 40 USD). Of course, as I'm in the IDF, I carry a real one around, hehe.
What was that?!?, I control America?!?, thats awesome, tell everyone!!!!, how come I never knew about this?, ANYWAY, everyone bow down to me!, you are alllllll my slaves :p

if you are just starting to get into airsoft, i recomend getting either

the desert eagle (thats a really weak but durable gun)

A p226 - extremely durable and powerful (i had one as my first gun for 2 years)

and a M4505 - another pretty durable and powerful one

all of these can be bought on like amazon, or at Big 5 sporting goods

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