Valve/Steam Cease and Desist

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EGO Zealot
For the sake of all that is holy, this has been removed.

It has been replaced with something a little less immature(or not...) and calming. EASE THE MINDS OF THE MASSES YOU SHALL MY RUBBER DUCK! >=3


Statement from Morbid :D

I am only editing this to remove the content and apologize to anyone who may have been
offended. When I posted this I assumed that people would think it was funny but I realize now
this is more of an immature 'in joke' that anything else. Once again, I sincerely apologize
for any issues this may have caused to anyone psychologically.

Yup o-O I've been without sleep since my mom woke up screaming so forgive me for not realizing how dumb this was. =/
I have neevr wanted to know what somehting was so bad. Feel free to pm me whateevr it was. heh
Not open for further replies.