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100th post so i will make it a riddle.

3 businessmen were on a business trip and there car broke down.
the 3 men went to the local hotel to get rooms.
The lady told the men that she is sorry but she only has 1 room available,and that it was $30.
the men agreed to the room and each man gave the lady $10 each.
Later that evening the Lady behind the counter realized that the room that she had givin the men was only $25.
So she called the bell hop and told him to take 5 $1 bills to the men in the room.
the bell hop did not know how to give 3 men $5 equally so he put $2 in his pocket.
OK no each man got back $1 each so now each of them has paid $9 for the room.
9x3=27 and the bell hop put $2 in his pocket. $27+$2= $29 .
where did the other dollar go.
remember each man got $1 back making them only pay $9 for the room each
figure it out pm with correct responce answer will be givin later tonight.

wooo hooo 100th post
Just disregard those posts. I solved it and posted here instead of PMing it to him. So to keep the fun for all of you who didn't see it I removed it. :)
Sneaky sneaky Lucky ;) Hmm, maybe I should post the answer too, like jones...and then go shoot him some more on Strand...MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!
OMG WTF?!?!?!?!?!?, where the hell did that other dollar go?!?! :p

But if you look at it form a different point of view.....the guys together have $3, the bell hop has $2, and the lady has $25...... 3+2+25=30....but the way your worded it makes the $1 disappear !dodge ....WTF?!?

Hey P.T. Flea, do you happen to live in Bedford, TX, age 21, Interests: computer games, photoshop, star trek,....and your favorite game is WoW?!?!?!....just taking this out of thin air :p .......the reason why im saying this is because, your phrase "Evil demands chocolate chips!" sounded SOOO familiar....but i just couldnt put my finger on it...so i googled it and came up with this....... http://tonz0phun.deviantart.com/ .....and in information under "Devious Information" looked....well...."computers", "Photoshop".........or is that your evil twin? :D
It's a play on words. It makes you think you should add the numbers a certain way, when in fact it would be wrong to add things up as they suggested in the riddle.

And uh...no, that is not me. I'm 18, live in Iowa. My hobbies are similar though, but I do not play WoW. The phrase I just took from that cute little avatar of mine.
it is a mathmatical impossibility
the math world has an error you can not multiply and add at the same time as well as divide and subtract.
i made you do 9x3+2=27
the answer is really 30-5+3+2 =30
alot of you got it some took awhile some guessed wrong a few times and others had no clue.
thank you for playing my game
another even harder one to come
it wont be math next time

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