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As some might know I have taken some Substance Abuse classes like i explained in Punch2Face's thread....and today I finished my last! yay! And I would just like to thank the founders of eGO for making such an awesome place were I have met many people and a place to get away from the past and get my mind off things...

I would also like to thank everyone in eGO for being so nice and welcoming to whoever comes through the doors of eGO and making this an awesome environment for people to come play and talk about things that other people share interests in... Thanks alot guys... and I could prolly not thank you enough for ways that you cant understand that you've helped me in.... thanks guys & gals :D

(added gals cuz this isnt a guys only place hehe)
lol...fluffy.... wow.... everytime i read that... or hear makes me crack up soooo bad!!!! lol
coolness jweng, u and I have to have a convo. one of these days, im sure we will have alot in common, i came from a messed up life as well, but like you said its the past and we move on:D
ya my counselor told me a cool thing the other day.... " If we put our mind in the past and live for it, you will do everything to keep in it. But if u put your mind to the future and live for the future, you can leave the past and make something of the future no matter how bad the past is"
Awwwww, Jweng.

You get huggles, but then I have to shovel you. :p

[/quote1186697040]SHOVEL HUGGLE!
ty everyone for being so supportive.... and ive met most of ur bullets last night on jagd.... and its hard to love something that kills me every two mins that i play... specially on strand...
Ha jweng now me and you will have to move up the beach together on strand. I have had problems in the past myself, you just have to move forward in game and in life.
Yeah we live and learn. I screwed up my life at 18 and would have kept on messing up if I had not met my wife. She helped get me out of the drug scene and onto a better life. She doesn't judge me for who I was or hang it over my head. Good luck bud on you path. Quack
Ya know guys I'm really happy that we could alll find this clan and help eachother out, and J you prolly know this but im there for ya alreadsy you've asked me for advice before and i try to help as much as possible. But guys its good to know that no matter what kind of a like we had, soomeone is always here for us that know what we as a people and or person that has been through the same "predicament and such" that will go through it with us as much as possible if possible.
Im just really glad we could be there for each other. Oh yea, Congratz J!
Just keep your head up, and don't let what happened in the bast burden you down, there's nothing you can do about the past. But you can change the future if you put your mind to it. Congrats man =].

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