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The website may be down from time to time and you may see some changes. Sorry for the inconveniance, we are working on getting it back up to date.
Actually toothpaste, the site being down is all your fault! lol your fired and you can pick up your unemployment check in 2 weeks. :) j/k

Your avatar was corrupt and that is why you no longer see it. It caused the news page to go down (frontpage) from the "latest posts" module in the bottom right of the news page.

Nothing to worry about though and i am just picking on you. Its nothing you did, just the corrupt avatar.

There are no changes to the website, it just works once again. I did however get to work with Deacon on the phone. A great guy, and soon the stats (physcostats) will be edited enough to where I feel comfortable enough to release them.
Not open for further replies.