Unofficial eGO wallpapers...

Hey guys, if youve seen my thread already in general discussion, im leaving for 4 days, and since there wont be much to do, so I feel like making some eGO wallpapers while im gone....If you guys have any suggestions, id like to know, id like to make a pack of them, so if anyone knows a website or person that will host it for me (were people can download it from) that would be you can get the full quality, and for sizes, im thinking of "1280x1024", "1600x1200", and "1400x1050" for each one, do you guys know any other conman wallpaper sizes, that would help to, im leaving sunday some time, so if you wana post.....before sunday would be the time :D
As far as I know, you can do it on, which actually is like a free media sharing, like photobucket or imageshack, except better lol. You can open up a free account, and you can post the links to the pictures on here if you can. Maybe one of the mods will make a stickie for your wallpapers, and you can just post the finished designs there, and keep this thread as the request/ideas page.
That would be cool! :D .....I could do something like....release wallpapers I've been working on, and people can give my suggestions for one, or some requests like you said....I wouldn't mind that
I don't know, but I can vouch for's quality. They have image and file hosting, so you could post an image as a preview and host a ZIP pack of all the resolutions, too.
Hmmm. Can you make one with my name on it?
You don't have to do it, but...

Please and thank you (if you do)
Ya, the sig I got is one that I made in Garry's Mod.........and ill get started on these wallpapers on sunday through thursday, so PLENTY of time to work on them....cant start on them now cause im at a LAN (gaming not work ;) )....and on saturday, my mom is having a birthday party, so ill post them on thursday when I get back :D

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