Forum Fiend
I can make aa man see, I can make a man blind I can make big mess in the sky.
I can make you tired I can give you life. I can make you fall in love again with your wife.
I am very small yet I am very big.
I can hold alot of water and even hold a twig.
I can always be around you or nowhere in sight.
in many wars I am the cause for the fight.
what am I?????

have fun with that one boys and girls.
this one you can answer in the forum and I will post answer later today !whoa
no it is a physical you can touch it concrete thing it is in our lives everyday you probably see some form of it everyday
[quote1186767929=ROCKET CHUMP]
wtf...sand!? how can sand make a guy see? or maybe im just not metaphorical enough...

Sand melted down makes glass, so it would make glasses. Then you figure in the Sandman, sand storms, grain of sand, desert, and the fact that it's territory (turf)...