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Hey guys i wanna say thnx again for leting me join da clan.
o and about me well My name is Adam my leet class i play mostly is sniper no one gets across my crosshairs without dieing or taking a bullet.I can play any other class with no prolbem,I like to go skateing with my friends even though they are skateboarders,im a agg. inline sk8er lol.I'm 17 i like to go out alot and have fun,me myspace is www.myspace.com/caveman125 so if u have one add me.I do play other games like WoW and going to soon get into GW but i need more practice on DoD and i like to play other consule games like xbox and ps2 and what not,o and i from texas lol :)
welp if yall have anymore questions yall would like to ask me then ask away dont be shy ;) if yall see me on myspace that is a old pic i need to update it soon i choped all my hair off hehe.
Good to meet you Adam. I'll check out your myspace site and see you in game (if you don't see me first through your scope).
Hi Adam. Good to meet you as well. Your a good player and look foward to tonight matches!
kool nice to meet u yall 2 and i def look forward to all yall in da game haha,ahh another adam lol thats pretty neat if u ask me lol.
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