Renault V10 Engine Song!

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Renault F1 Race car can play "God save the queen" with it's engine %-6 . It can also play "We are the Champions" and the national anthems for France and Spain. They have connected a computer to the engine.

Just as they had done after the World Championship victory in 2005, the engineers at Renault have mapped the software that allowed the engine to play all the right notes, in the right order. Sounds sooo cool!

"God save the queen" Video Link:

"We are the champions" download:

Link to a awesome video of a F1 Engine fire up ( the exhaust pipes begin to glow!! !amazed )
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THAT I agree with, I used to LOVE Ghost in the Shell. They're just plain cool. There was supposed to be a videogame of Ghost in the Shell like a year ago but it got cancelled for some reason.
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