ok so, my gf and I are going on a picnic on Sunday....and I have nooo idea what foods to bring....do any of u guys have ideas....(sidenote...vegetarian, not me..her) thanks for any ideas givin...i'm just havin' a brainfart....and sad...no DoD for me :(
Yeah yeah.. Leave it to the chick to help the poor guy out.

Ok, since it's outdoors, you want food that can handle not being in a deepfreeze.

Pitas and hummus
variety of cheeses (My husband is huge on the Brie and stilton... I'm not)
Grapes, fruit slices that can be hand fed... (Unless her family will be there.)
NO PINEAPPLE (don't ask)
A simple veggie plate from the grocer's, or make your own, with some dill dip. (Broccoli, cukes, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower) I prefer dill dip over ranch. Dunno about your girlfriend

If you want to "wow" her... Then make a few simple vegetarian dishes. My husband does these awesome grilled veggie hoagies, and he makes some killer veggie pizza. And yes, they travel well, if you're worried about them being in a picnic basket.
what about grabbing a bagged sald and small fruit tray and go and buy choclate covered strawberries. and then permake cheese and crackers and make sure you bring a inexpensive wine and plastic wine galsses.
if underage grab very cold sodas.
to top it off you make sure your the one that lays out the blanket not her. it is very simple but they love when you do the work it shows you care.
fluffys ideas are great, just thought I would add to it.
btw bring a small trash bag and clean it up. It makes them seam like your a clean person even though your not lol
lol²^^^^ IMO, if you've never had hummus, try it first...I personally think the stuff is disgusting tasting. The veggie and dip tray is a good idea, maybe some veggie burgers on the grill, some fruit. Not really hard. You know (or should know) what she likes and as long as it doesn't require an oven or a freezer, you're good to go.
Thanks guys for all the suggestions... as to Redshift...I did think to google it... but I wanted to see if anyone had an unique ideas.... but ya....thanks all
Steak Steak Steak and steak.

gotta get her off the whole vegetarian thing lol.

Umm bring a boom box for some tunes. It can save you in awkward silences. just in case that may happen.

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