Cool ! Haiti Aug 6 2007


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This is SO cool ! Kind of reminds me of a Christmas wreath with lights (might even be one). If it is fabricated vid, it's a good one. If it's indeed real it is something to think about.

A while back before they were transferred, I had a few friends that were air traffic controllers. If you ever get one in a bar or somewhere social, start them talking on anything unusual they've seen or tracked. You get some really interesting stories, especially the ones that were in the military. A really good one was when one of them was on the job in the UK a few years ago...2004 I think. They tracked a very big object that was clocked at 32000 mph.
How do you clock something that fast? There's no radar or laser than can pinpoint anything that moves fast than it can pulse or get a good target, am I right?
Ya, it was totally off the scope. That was a comment from a chase pilot that was scrambled to try to intercept. They estimated it by noting the time it took to get from point A to point B. That's how they got that figure.
Photoshop doubt it...
3DS or something like that.... definately...

Video Editing realistic 3d moving objects is hard in photoshop.