[poll] Is 6 Servers Too Many??


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Is 6 servers too many? I always see the same 5 filling up, but the 6th is always low, 10 people on maximum that I have seen.

I hat to say this, but maybe we shot our goals a little too high too quickly, not saying that those goals are a bad idea, just a little too quick.

Here is a little screenshot of what I see

The fact that you guys have 5 filled fairly often still amazes me. It's tough keeping a server filled.
Well the sixth is just temporary anyway, so I don't see a problem. If it was popular, we would keep it. Since it isn't, we won't.
well we need a drive to boost the server, people only search for next to full servers and if they enjoy that they add it to their favourites. So leaving it empty or close to empty means it will never gain in popularity. It's up to clan members to fill it until it has enough of a following to stand on its own. Otherwise it will always be empty, we need something like what happened with kalt to boost it.
i think that eGO should get if possible a server thats not just a 24/7. cause i like the servers that eGO has but it gets old after a while.
I agree, i think that maybe we should try making the slow server a rotation server, that way its not slow because people dont like the map.

P.S. why are we having another poll on this again. We just had one last week, i am not voting
i would think time too and also i would thinkve talking about it more cuz of the kalt,donner, and ava are talking about it on the servers so people will acutally find it and also some ppl like admins should say its pins and things
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Orange maps gather a people, I'd play there always :)

I do believe there arnt too many servers that should be a 24/7, because of the fact, that the map themselves are not that great to play anyhow. Rotation sounds the best, with 1 less server, but the best maps on the rotation
I just think that the rotation server isnt popular because no one knows about it. Its not as easy for people to find like it is for a 24/7 server but it will eventually work out but until then we are still paying for a more or less empty server.

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