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Fellows, so I started kimo today,
its a bit painful, but w/e lol.
I've been getting pains, and it sucks.
Like chest pains, arm pains,
neck pains, like inside....and
its getting a bit hard to breath, im back
at home, so i'll be on more often.....
and yea, i got an oxygen tank to help
me breath....i have this wire going up my nose.
it feels weird :(
but w/e lol.
The doctors said that my condition seems to be
improving, but they still see some obsticales, or w/e
but I'll be fine while im in kimo.
What do you have? :(

Cus both my parents went through Chemo when I was little so I know how bad you must be feeling. Just keep your hopes up, I know you'll get through this buddy.
[quote1186792382=Baron Rojo]
you will get better my friend = )
cuase Baron Rojo Said so = )

He speaks the truth, Brother.
Keep those spirits up man, 85% can be upped a lot so long as you stay positive. Keep kickin' this thing in the arse, good luck to you.
[quote1186793603=[REB]P.T. Flea]
Keep those spirits up man, 85% can be upped a lot so long as you stay positive. Keep kickin' this thing in the arse, good luck to you.

yeah a positive attitude and a strong will and determination and do wonders. keep fighting!
you can do it... a family friends wife has been going through kimo and she has had to go through some tough times...but she stayed strong

you can too...you will be fine
I watched my step-father go through a year of chemo for pancreatic cancer. My advice to you is to force yourself to eat 3 meals a day. You will lose your appetite and feel like crap from the chemo but you need to eat. Stay strong and see you on the killing fields.
Your body can do anything that you set your mind on. Keep the goal that you're going to get through this, and do everything humanly possible to get there, and you will be just fine. Just stay strong, and everything will turn out OK.
I'm tired of this, and will say what half of us are thinking. This thread, and the previous ones, reek of attention seeking behavior. Due to the timespan, the frequency of your posts, and the very manner in which they are written, it leads me to believe that you are are NOT being truthful here.

First of all, it's "Chemo", short for "Chemotherapy". Second, no doctor on the planet would give anyone a percentage for how long they have to live. Third... this has all taken place in the span of around two weeks, with you having complete internet access to post about it along the way? And finally NONE of the people I know that have suffered from cancer,or ANY life threating illness have jumped to video game (Or whatever their hobby may be) FORUMS to post about it to people they don't even know!

Normally I stay out of these sort of threads, for I really don't care what people want to ramble about. But several of my close friends have died from cancer, and your behavior makes me sick. If you're being truthful, then I'll owe you an apology, but if you're not... THIS ENDS NOW.
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