EGO Is My Life!
Well its simple, go to google and type in this...

(your name) Was arrested for

and hit enter. you can get some crazy results.

Here are a few examples...

Me: Chad was arrested Saturday for investigation of domestic violence

JohnT: John,the so-called “monkey trial” held in Dayton, Tennessee in July, 1925, in which a science teacher was arrested for teaching evolution in class.

Kamikaze Tommy: Tommy was arrested for the murder of Chad Ratliff. lol

So try it out...
"Paul was arrested for burning the New Zealand flag."


=-P, well, that was fun.
Jeff arrested for public intoxication (though Liz said he only had two beers – Jeff has been known to drink 20+ beers so 2 beers are nothing

all the hits were for drunk driving or drunken behaviour, doesn't bode well for me :D lol
Tyler Pierce, 1122 Kearney, Apt. 7, was arrested at 3:25 a.m. for possession of a simulated or controlled substance, unlawful possession of depressants and DUI. Bond was set at $2,000.

Aww shuks
umm i dont like mine lol

Dan Arrested; Carrying Offensive Weapon.


Dan was arrested for aggravated phone harassment of something like twelve people. Apparently he kept calling people to talk dirty to them ...
Medical marijuana patient/activists Dennis Peron and John Entwistle and Kasey Conder were arrested and thrown in jail in Cedar City, Utah on Wednesday ...

That's the only interesting one...My name comes up in a terrorists last name though...
[quote1186869559=LegendOfChaos13]Dan was arrested for aggravated phone harassment of something like twelve people. Apparently he kept calling people to talk dirty to them ...

Speaking of which... STOP CALLING ME, perv. LOL

Kidding! At least you weren't arrested for killing an Archbishop....
Rapper Nathaniel Hale (aka Nate Dogg) was arrested by Arizona police in April 2002 and hit with gun possession and marijuana charges
According to the Associated Press, a SWAT team arrested Nate Dogg, whose real name is Nathaniel Hale, at about 12:30 p.m. (PT) on Saturday
Former Cowboys lineman Nate Newton's lawyer said Thursday that his client is not guilty of possessing 175 pounds of marijuana
Nate was arrested for burglary and was placed on probation. He went to Central Juvenile Hall in 1997. When he first came to LeRoys he struggled, ...
Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman NATE NEWTON, arrested on drunken-driving charges for the second time in 39 months, said yesterday that he was grateful
Nate was arrested again after he and friends broke into a Fort Morgan school and smashed 22 computers, spray-painted gang signs on walls and stole
AMEN bassist Nate Manor was arrested for petty theft last Wednesday (March 16) after allegedly being caught on video tape stealing porn magazines
A month after being arrested with 213 lbs. of marijuana on a random traffic stop, ol' Nate was arrested again, this time with 175 more lbs

DAMN Nate loves the herb appartently! LOL (sorry for length, but all are funny!