Avatar Help

Im the worst person about avatars. I dont know how to make them or anything like that. I was wondering if someone could make me an avatar of like a sniper. Also if you can make a signature thing for me that would be great, im looking for like a sniper shooting a deer(stag) with my name in it somewhere, or something of that nature.
Much help would be appreciated.
I just want something... the people that I play with should know what to make.. I dont want something amazing.. just something
Here's a quick one I cooked up since I remembered the binomial name of the smallest deer: Pudu mephistophiles. I just thought it was oddly appropriate for 'stagofdoom'. I know it's nothing like what you requested, but I just thought it fit.

By the way, "Mephistophiles" is a name for the devil in the Faust legends (in case someone didn't know how that related to the 'doom' part of 'stagofdoom').