Cool Trick


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hey im gona show u guys a cewl trick over voice in ava sometime
the reason im gona tlel it to u in a server, is cause its easyer, and ur not retarded. ur gona look retarded just trying ot read it here. so whatever just wait. this is a trick my science teacher taught me back in 5th grade. i do it on plp who think they are smart, and watch the funny-ess :D.

its kinda like an optical illusion, cept with more kick. more verbal. moer crazyer too! the reason im gona to it do u guys, is cause i love each and every one of u, and i saw thread "Riddle" so im like oh i cna do this here.

add me to freinds.

account name: [email protected]

leave this thread for ur comments or ect.

just wiat a while though. i probably wont be on until monday or so.

u guys are gona trip~! and u gota recrod it over ur spekers or something its soo funny to here playbakl, ur gona think ur stupid.