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um... i've been told by email that i have priveleges as eG...

Dear Pvt. Ryan,

Your privileges have been updated at Edge Gamers Organization ??br /> ( )

You now have access to the following area(s):

eG - Server Regulars

eGO Council
( Edge Gamers Organization ??)

that is what i've been told... what does that mean in terms of admin...
Its because your admin hasnt set in yet, by tomorrow, im sure they will have it up and ready to go if not sooner. Pm or contact Kendle or Tommy about your promotion and your Steam ID
Yeah, it took a couple days for me to get mine after I did Admin School Just be patient and you will get it soon enough =P.
you sure this isn't a mistake? A mix up with the otha private ryan? because this guy has only been with the clan for a day. If it aint a mistake then congrats,
no this was the guy i got to join ego 2 days ago, they were meant to make the other guy with same or similar name an eG.
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