making stuff for eGO

Actually, you'd need to PM them to me. I run the Kustom Kettle server, and thus handle the custom maps around here, and prefer to review anything before it launches.

Please be aware, that custom maps need to have a level of quality that is similar to that of the stock maps. That takes considerable time, effort, and skill. This means that not only must they look professional, but they need to play well, and be accurately balanced. It takes a LOT of time....
Legend of Chaos is making one with someone else, I don't remember who. It looks pretty good. If you can make a map that looks like that, then possibly they could test it out and pop it onto the servers.
As Spetz said, mapping takes time. Don't rush into things. It's about quality, not quantity. Take some time to learn the different techniques, play around and familiarize yourself with different tools, and someday - if you spend the time needed... your map will be playable. Good luck, all the best to you my friend.
Yeah some people dont realize what it takes to make good professional maps. People looking to "dabble" in map making should more or less, expect them not to be run except on their own servers. Otherwise, you will really need to get into it and learn how to really make maps.

I always see people who have never done any map making before, wanting to jump in and get them on the server. Its a little more difficult than that. What I say is, unless youre really planning on dedicating months upon months of time and trial and error learning, leave the map making to the professionals. :p

Of course, if you are looking to do that, more power to you. Servers can always use good, nicely made maps.