need some help please

i dont know but i think sometimes this happens to some people and all they do is restart and hten u can play but i dont know if i restart it i can paly it or not soo..
If you didn't buy it you won't be able to play it. Pre loading means you have the HL2 files encrypted on your computer. Purchasing the game will unlock the files and allow you to play. If you're not planning on buying it I'd delete the files since you are just wasting space.
Weird. Never heard of that happening. Sounds like a bug maybe.

But yeah, if it is not a bug, when it says "pre-loaded" it means you basically downloaded it, but the account has not purchased it yet so it is unplayable. You need to purchase the game to play it.
i deleted it and then it turned back up again i deleted all the files and everything and it turned back on steam its like stalking me..
Chaos have you purchased Half Life 2, on the account, that you're talking about?

If the answer to this question is "Yes" (as in, Yes, I have played HL2 on this account before), then all you have to do is restart steam. If you have NOT purchased Half-Life 2 on that account, as in you don't own it and haven't played it before, then you need to buy it.

It may very well be a glitch, the same thing happened with almost all of my games yesterday. It said preloading and whenever I tried to play a game it said I needed to buy it, but I'd already bought all of them. I restarted steam and this fixed my problem.

...out of curiosity, why are you asking "restart or purchase" when you could just...take two minutes, TRY restarting and eliminate 50% of your options yourself?
actually keep the HL2 files even if you do not own it because the Source engine requires the textures and models from HL2 to run DoD S, CSS, and many other Source games

restart steam to make sure if you own it or not, it takes what 10 seconds to do, even on my connection its not that long
sometimes, it says i have pre-downloads complete when ive already bought the game, i just had to restart steam, and it was back, just some random glitch, but if you didnt purchase it, then like everyone else said, youve just downloaded it, and not bought it yet, so you cant play it

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