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Hey guys. I'm about to buy a new headset since my old one just broke. I was wondering if you guys could recommend any good ones? Now remember, I'm not looking for anything way too fancy, I'd prefer a price under 20 dollars. So far, I think I should get this one : http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Prem...2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1186866008&sr=8-1

If you guys have any other good suggestions, please list them.

EDIT: I'd also like the headset to be long-lasting.
Yeah, I have Sennheiser HDR-130's and they're GODLIKE. Been using them since.... Christmas 06 haven't had a single problem yet. :) Ingame sound is great, especially with the SSR. SSR is weird with Music and it's dizzying but if you turn SSR off the music and random noises sound great. I'd personally recommend Sennheiser's to any gamer. They cost alot but they're a great company and the hardware and the way they function is worth every penny. :D

Edit: I prefer wireless Sennheisers and a cheap desktop Mic. Mic is better quality and the wireless have sooo much freedom and no chance of rolling over the cord and screwing up an expensive pair of headphones.

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