Just wondering

Frosty {A|R}

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i had an extra 40 bucks and i wanted to get a new game so do you think i should get

The Ship


Red Orchestra

btw fyi, when school starts im gonna start playign on fridays only =P soryr guys gotta keep the grades up
Neither of them are all that stellar, and they are both very, VERY different games. Have you tried them both before? If you haven't tried either, I think I have a guest pass for The Ship.
Yeah, if you havent tried the ship you should before you buy it, as for the other i dont know i have never played it.
quake 3 is 20 and it rocks.

Quake 3 is the most difficult FPS ever, seriously.
If you meet someone who is skilled at it, kneel before them, DO IT!
i know quake 3 is crazy everyone who plays it is like a pro, i thought they were just hacking. oh and flea if you have a pass can i please use it =D
No, you can't use it. He was just teasing you.

He's cruel like that. He's probably gonna come on and say 'Sure, you can use it!' only to wait until the last second to yank it out of your reach.
There are loads of excellent games out there, including some just on the horizon. Bioshock for example, may be worth waiting for on the FPS front.

Read some reviews, find something new and fun
keep the grades up??? are you saying school is more important the dods? lies.

just because you have money to spare does not mean u need to spend it.