The 6th Server (again)


Poster Extraordinaire
In our struggle to find SOMETHING useful for the 6th server, I have made yet another switch. It is now running dod_aura, from CAMP 2, on a 24/7 basis.

Keep in mind, all of these changes are temporary, and are being made to test the waters. Whether it stays on Anzio, Jagd, Aura, or a rotation, remains to be seen. Or heck... we might just get rid of it sooner rather than later.

For the next few days, Aura.....
I think if we will stay on maybe one or two maps, it will find it's fan base and have some frequenters in it most of the time. My 2 cents are pick a good map and let it go for awhile.
Orange maps are an option, but I would need help with those. I know virtually nothing about them, and so would need advice on which ones are better than others.....if anyone is adept with those, PM me.
I try my best to fill empty servers but I just dont have the patience to wait 4 hours for the server to get 6 ppl I always join empty servers in the hope that it will fill up and keep it open.