7 year old chases down armed robber


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A pretty awesome story I found on another forum I go to:

For a North Carolina armed robber, the police were the least of his worries — he had a 7-year-old girl on his case.

When a man walked into her mother's store, demanding money and cigarettes, Alisha Williamson leapt over the counter and took off in hot pursuit while her mom, Lisa, watched.

The armed robber came into the Save More food mart on U.S. Route 29, near the Virginia state line, for what police said was a "small" amount of cash from the register and a few packs of Newport cigarettes.

He left with trouble.

In an interview with "Good Morning America," Alisha said she pushed the robber as he took money from the register, telling him to back away.

"I didn't want him to hurt mommy. He got three packs of Newports while mommy was calling the po-po," Alisha said.

So Alisha took matters into her own hands, chasing the robber out of the store.

"I was thinking I'm gonna catch him. I'm gonna get that little feller. And I was trying to catch him to make him slow down," Alisha said.

She followed him into the parking lot, where she said he pulled out a gun. At that point, Alisha hid under her polka dot "blankie — it's my security blanket." She fell to the ground, thinking the bullet would go over her head.

Police have identified the alleged robber as 16-year-old Roy Herbin, a resident of Reidsville, N.C., who police say should be considered armed and dangerous.

Lisa told her daughter she was proud of her, but warned her not to do it again, to which Alisha responded, "Mommy, I just wanted to protect you and help the police to get that man."

wow, so young and soo not aware of how dangerous that was. aren't store clerks supposed to freak robbers when they pull out the double barrel shot gun and point it at their face?
I watched this story on CNN and the whole time I was wondering two things.

1) Why was a 7 year-old hanging around a quickie mart in the first place?

2) Why the heck didn't this girl's mother stop her from chasing a criminal with a gun?!?
Her mother was the store clerk, apparently.

Either way, I don't know what the hell the mother was thinking. If it was me getting robbed and my kid was around for it, I would've tried to flatten the guy any way I could and CERTAINLY would've gone after him had my kid started running towards him.
Wow, that mother is kind of a bad one and Im almost surpised the police didnt charge her with child endangerment or something. Shouldn't her "maternal insticts" have kicked in when the child ran?

good story otherwise
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loved how she called the police the , po-po

Me too rofl, I was surprised no one else commented on that lol. I'm still laughing from it lol. I can only imagine the sound of a 7-year old girl's voice saying "da po-po". LOL!

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