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Hey all, been in the server for about an hour plus, seen about 150 people connect, but never actually show up in server. Myself, my first try I got an invalid steam ticket error. Thinking there was a client update or something, and server may possibly need to be restarted. After asking people in the server, abouit 7 of us, which the server doesn't seem to go above at the moment, everyone says they had to try twice to connect.
There is a Steam glitch at the moment that only Steam is able to fix. And the Steam site itself is down/slow. More than likely there is some sort of authentication server down.

And once they work again, check the steam forums for more answers to the nature of the problem..

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Thanx for the reply. I went to the forums immediately after posting here, wanted to give you a guys a heads up before I waded into that quagmire of a forum. I'm a long term member with the forums there, and in my experience, they usually don't post the problem until its fixed, let alone respond to the complaints. What everyone seems to be complaining about are two seperate errors, one stating they don't own the game, and another stating they don't own an account. As you said, more than likely an auth server or another is down or the pipe to it. Deleting clientregistry.blob is a temp fix for some, works 5-10 minutes, doesn't work at all for others.

Apparently its happening mostly to people who downloaded Defcon.
I just did a complete server refresh on xfire, and wow! Not a single full server and very few running half full. This did happen about 2 months ago, but was fixed within that evening.
Some very important person at Steam is just taking a nap. Someone will slap him in the face soon.
Actually, this was a Steam problem, the authetication server went down. I am guessing the Valve team was going crazy this evening since they worked hard on the server exploit last week or so. ;)
man for me it kept saying "This steam account does not own this game" i was completely surprised and scared taht ill lose dod! well then i got updated that the servers are down .. hmm hope they fix it soon..
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