MY Bday and need new PC

why u shoot me?

I made one post
well i have created a new edge gamers account since my display name appeared incorrectly due to it being too long.

my in game name was =(e)= shoot me ill just sew you.
but my forum name did not match it well.
so its now: why u shoot me?

in other news its my birthday ___17 today___

Well my parents have agreed to buy me a new computer! i don't know what to buy , iam thinking of getting a dell since i have never had any problems with them in the past. my price budget is around £700 so about 1300-1400dollars.

what do you think i should get? btw anyone suggests a mac i sew you!
if your going to post any links make sure there U.K friendly.
Happy Birthday! Why not build your own? If you or no one in your family can't do it for you, have a local PC shop do the build. It will save you a bunch in the end.
Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now go make your own pc like a big boy should! Seriousl, its the best way to go. For 1300 you'll put together a pretty decent gaming monster.
Yeah, my new pc cost about... 1200.

nvidida 8800gtx
2 gigs ram

If you bought a dell, you'd pay more for a lower quality computer. And you still wouldn't be able to get some of the parts that you'd want.
well Happy Birthday man.
As far as computers go, making your own would be a bit of a pain but it would be more effective in the end and cost less. Even though some people hate playing games on laptops, I have used nothing but a laptop for the last 2 years. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1505. Since I upgraded to this computer last year it has been nothing but awesome for me, apart from the occasional game crash, it is a superb Machine. If you go to the Dell website you can build your own computer there, it all just depends on what your wants/needs is for parts. Hope you make a good choice and show up what you end up going with.