T-Shirts Are Gone. 5 XL Hoodies Remain

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Is it because he's famous, or very smart, that he scored one of the last eGO hoodies?

Russell Hitchcock, from the legendary music group, Air Supply, looks great in his eGO hoody. A small number of you can also be fashion icons if you act fast. Only 5 hoodies remain! All are XL's and are our gift to you when you donate $50 U.S. ($60 for non-U.S. mailings) to help keep the servers, Ventrillo, stats and website running.

ALL T-SHIRTS ARE GONE. We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed and is now proudly sporting eGO GREEN. Click the box for pics!

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Mike, did you sell your Soul to have him wear the hoodie?

LOL, I see in the mirror that you were the one that took the pic!


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if you don't grab a hoodie then you'll be all out of love and so lost without one. The hoodie is so right, what are you without one? :p yeah thats how I roll.
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