Does anyone play with a wide screen monitor


I am looking into upgrading my monitor... with one or maybe two...
My wife has a 22" LG and the picture is great....
she doesn't play a fast pace game online ( like DOD S )
Does anyone use a wide screen? is there any ghosting or video lag?
I read a little about the guys that used 2 monitors, I was wondering,
if you can play DOD S and use both monitors at the same time?
Any input would be appreciated
I play on a widescreen Samsung. It looks great as far as I can tell. The only downsides really are that's 1360x760 native resolution and a max refresh rate of 60Hz.
My boy plays Guildwars and red orchestra on a 20 inch widescreen and it looks great. It sucks for surfing the web though.
I actually have a good story 'bout monitors. I found that the best monitor out right now is the Samsung 226BW. The only problem with it, is that it comes in 3 seperate, hard to distinguish models. I was trying to get the s version (the best) but I couldn't find it. Instead I found the samsung 226cw. The folks at best buy thought that it was the bw (so did I when I bought it) so they gave it to me for the price of the bw. It turns out that it is supposed to cost a lot more and it is always the "s" model. I recommend it. Here are some pics of the 2 monitors side by side. The blue tint is the bw and the normal colored is the cw.

Sorry, here's the pic.
I had a 19" widescreen and took it back just because I prefer lower fullscreen ratio's. Most games dont support too many widescreen ratios, which makes it kind of limited. If you play in full screen ratios the quality looks like crap on a wide monitor. I like my 19" fullscreen viewsonic. I figured no point in spending extra cash for something I really dont need.
ya its cool playing with two screens but both of them show the same thing and if u want it to u can talk to people on one screen and play on the other its cool
I have a wide screen. 19" SyncMaster 941bw 1400x900 3ms response time. No ghosting, dead pixels or lag.

I think I'll always go wide from now on.
well for me its different.. i dink i rather play on my 17" inch monitor than my 22 inch monitor.. due to the fact that its not like a tv where its far away.. its right on your face.. so yea
i use 2 x 19" widscreen moniters one showing dod and the other little programs like ts and a net moniter etc
OMG i have a flatron wide lg 19" monitor and let me tell you once you switch... theres no going back... the picture comes in 2 ms and make sure u get an "LG" the picture is amazing and if you had two id worship you...=P