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How often do you get a new sig Britney? Everytime I look at one of your posts its different (thought they usually are pretty kool)
Hey Noxy, never said it was bad (this is Mobster/Krakken using Stormy's profile), Just something new every 2.3892837 seconds. Change is always nice.
I know. I'm not saying it's bad, but more along the lines that we (or at least I) have learned to expect it, lol.
I think she would have posted in here with her thanks (or retorts, either way) if she was. Anyways, the name Jeez doesn't mean that its a Christain thread, why only two of us here anyways? OK three, Wafffle counts too


that means u have killed 89 of your own...ehh......feline friends? that are idk...but YOU MURDERER!!!

? DyeMatrix?
Hi bane, it's me Britney! I 've been meaning to post a hello message to you. I would be happy to but to be honest Melissa is a lot more talented than me at that stuff.
I am pretty sure you and I have gamed together but if not I look foward to it. BTW I love your country. Been to England like 4 times. Hope you like trance music because alot of good DJ producers and parties there! Oakenfold, Above & Beyond etc. and the English have the coolest accents EVER..well other than Fernando Alonzo's accent from Spain :p I'm stuck with a Southern accent ! My friends say I sound just like American Idol's Kellie Pickler %-6 (She grew up like 15 minutes from me here in North Carolina). My Dad's family is Italian so it sounds really funny when I speak Italian. !lol Also you country makes one of my favorite cars! The Aston Martin DB9.
Since we're on the subject, here's a few of my favorite cars.

First: Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (almost the same thing as the DB9)


Second: Nissan 350Z



Third: Lamborghini Mercielago


Wow brit you're realy into anime and all that japinesse cartoon stuff. I watch it sometimes but what i realy like is south park.
Thouse are sweet cars... but i think its strange to buy a car thats worth more that a house. Fun to look at and dream about having but I would be scared to drive that on the open road. Some phyco could be aming for you and crash into you just to piss you off cause now your 300,000 doller car is totaled.
I am not even posting pics of my Truck and car or my Dads cars. You guys would complain about everything including the valve caps. hate,hate,hate,hate
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