Customized Eotech Garand


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My "customized" Elfa's Eotech Garand




My "customized" Viewpoint K98



re-aligned crosshair more towards the center, and changed from "classic" crosshair, to single dot

Also on Garand with higher resolution/graphics settings, on the side of the eotech where it usually says "eotech" (can only see when other player uses the weapon from the side tho) it now says =(eG)=Milwaukee, and the white you see on the secondary action (first screenshot) it says =eGO)=

anyone else have mean skins for any weapons?

ps. if you want my customzed skins [link=]CLICK HERE[/link]

please note it has a 30 second timer before you can download it
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Can I have an allied sniper that says "Shackler of Souls" along the barrel part and =(eGO)= Blackhawksniper on the otherside? If possible, make it world and first person
maybe its just me but - that red do is just a little bit off to the right. It so isnt centered. or have i already had too much to drink? i havnt even started yet.
the dot is in the right spot, the modelling is a bit off on the rifle tho, thats why it looks like that

and to get them [link=]CLICK HERE[/link]
Hmm, I didn't know DarkElfa branched out into weapon models/skins or DoD:S skins. I worked with him on some CS:S player skins, but that was probably about two years ago now.
hes got alot of skins for DoD:S, but like these 2 weapons, alot of the weapons he has done, the sights are off center, and it takes a little work to fix them
To Download The Skins [link=]CLICK HERE[/link]

To install them, open the .rar file, and open your dod folder


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\yourname\day of defeat source\dod

Now, highlight all 3 folders in the skins folder and drag and drop them directly into the dod folder, it will come up with this warning...


just click Yes to All, and they are installed and ready to use/be seen in your game

hope you all enjoy

- Milwaukee
[quote1187073772==(eGO)= Vicious*****]
got it to work! Where's that red dot at!?

Shame on you, it's in the center...

And if you're talking about the different colors, you might have more than one, unless Mil deleted the other colors. Check in the materials/models/Weapons/V_Models/k98 or Shortfuse.Garand/Glass.vtf.

You should have (if you downloaded the original file), A bunch of glass-"color" files. Pick the color you want to use (glass-red.vtf), delete the original glass.vtf (NOT THE .VMF!) and rename the colored choice to glass. Move the other colors to a separate file, or delete them if you want. That should work.