If Every Admin


EGO Is My Life!
If Every Admin pitched in 1 dollar a month...that would more than pay our entire bill.

One dollar a month.

Not a bad deal.
Doesn't have to be paypal either, guys. Do it the old school way - MAIL. $1 donation + $.41 cent stamp = $1.41.......that STILL ain't much.

We've all got bills, we all have lives - but a little goes a long way!
But what if you want to send in more than a dollar that would ruin the system of every admin donating a dollar...
btw i would send in money but the address is changed or thats what i heard
Artimus got a PO box, but I don't know the number yet.

Well, if you sent in 12 bucks once a year....that would pay for everything.
ill mail another 20 to ya soon just need to get everything together my parents owe me 700 dollars... so im a little back at the moment but ill send you a 20 soon enough...
I'll see if I can donate. Right now, I have a grand total of 25 cents lol. But if I ever get a steady stream of money, I'll gladly donate to the cause.
You guys should create a Contributor Ribbon for people who donate $100 in one shot or something like that. I would buy it, because I am really shallow and I want to look cool. Just kidding!! No, but really, I would buy it.

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