Are you kidding?!?!

Hey there, I was at my family reunion a week ago. Usually for food everyone brings something and we have a feast. this year we didn't. People came in from a place, then just before the meal starts my uncle says its 30 bucks per person for 1 plate of food. I thought that was a little much for a plate of food, then to make it worse I get up there and they serve me the food it includs:

A VERY small peice of chicken or a hamburger
sour patatos

For 30 dollars

It came out to be for my mom/stepdad to pay was 150 dollars for 5 plates of that crap!
I was so hungry later that we stopped off at a mcdonlads and got a 1.39 cheeseburger, honestly I could not belileve it. Just imagine what you could have done with 150 bucks food wise, Insted we could have gone to a real nice buffet and eat till we explode and not even spend 150....

What do you think, am I crazy or right?
we usually just go to my aunts and everyone makes like 4 dishes of food and then we all share and go swimming and stufff cause she has a huge pool. we bbq and cook and everyone has a grand time
lol thats stupid, 150 bucks for 5 plates of crap? i would just bbq some burgers and hot dogs and a nice platter of cheese and crackers, chips, dip you get the idea
Yea, I love bbq's for some reason we did this.... I don't know why. They must have made at least like 3 grand (reasturant).... But honestly the food was worth about 10 cents.... <--- no joke.
Lol, that's insane. I would have started to beat up people until they put more food on my plate and gave me my money back hehehe.
I've never been to a family reunion but thats completely BULL CRAP! I could understand needing "some" money to help pay for the food, but you think the money would equal the food. :S
^^ thanx man, don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for my parents!!

The thing is, is that once you are there sitting down, then just before you start eating they say its that much, what are you going to do, if you leave your cheap, if you don't eat your tempermental, so your backed up in a corner, I think it would have been better if they told us in advance, some ppl can't afford 30 dollars a person when they have 3 or 4 kids.
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Why not do what I do and thats have a BBQ, not too mention lots of beer.

for how much they spent on that meal you could have had a really good barbeque. loads of beer, burgers, hotdogs all lavished with tomato sauce. Except the beer of course