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@ jones idk what temps its running at the BIOS, asus probe and nvMonitor dont tell me

@ Morbid CRT and its not the monitor if thats what you're thinking
Hey, I am guessing that you want to check for an overheating problem. That screen looks just like the one you see on tomshardware when they did the "what happens when you take the heatsync off of your processor" video series.

You want to look at the temp of your vid card, your processor, and your northbridge to determine if either is overheating. If you have absolutely no way to measure them, you can always use your hand. Just make sure your carefull. DO NOT stick your finger in any fans. But basically, a normal temperature will be hot, but shouldnt burn your hand if you keep it there for a while. If its burning hot, its probably over heating.

while inside the case, looks for dust buildup blocking the fans.
What processor and vid card do you have?
Whaa?!? im not supposed to stick my fingers in the fans when did you all decide to change this?

AMD X2 64 4600+ ~2.4ghz
XFX Nvidia Geforce 7900 GT/GTO 256mb w/ VIVO

im gonna add 2 more fans to see if it helps

edit: added two more fans ill see if it helps anything
Hum. There can be many causes for things like that.

#1. It could be overheating. The stock heatsink/fan's are usually fairly crappy on those cards. I own a evga 7900GT myself. I use a custom zalman vf900 heatsink. It is a pure copper custom heatsink fan. My temps never go above about 41C at full LOAD. The stock heatsink/fan temps are probably around 70-80C? If yours are over that, id consider something else. You can definitely get artifacting or screenfreezes once temps start going over 80C. You SHOULD be able to view your temps from within the graphic card settings menu. Rightclick destop->properties->settings->advanced-> graphic card.l

#2. I could be a faulty card. That video card should have a lifetime warranty so......consider rmaing it. It should be fairly easy to RMA. At least you can rule something out if that is not the case.

#3. It could of course be software driver related. Some drivers are beta, and if you are using beta drivers, they may not like the game you are playing. Ive had issues like that before. I try and use either confirmed working beta drivers or offical drivers only. Try not to use beta drivers that are new or which most people dont use.

#4. Sometimes weird things happen if you use the wrong refreshrates or resolutions. Ive had weird stuff happen before using wrong resolutions the card may not like. Of course refreshrates could do it also.
yeah i cant check my vid card temps that way either, i have 3 fans bringing in cool air and 2 shooting it out the back so air flow is good (case side is on) plus my PSU has one fan on the bottom and 1 on back so that helps

drivers : nvidia series 7 build 162

nope its been too long and i didnt register

1280 x 1024 @ 85hz
Question, why cant you check the temps that way? The xfx card should be almost identical to mine.... Unless youre using some specific xfx software that doesnt show temps or something? Is it broken? They should all show temps.

I dont have any real info on those specific drivers. You could always load some diff drivers to see if that fixes anything. You could rule out something that way.

Hum....Well, xfx are usually pretty nice and if you have a reciept and called them up, id think they would be helpful. They should all have a lifetime warranty even if you never registered. Maybe they changed their policy and are getting more strict though. I dont actually own any XFX cards so.... That is somewhat of speculation.

Res seems fine.
all i know is adding 2 fans didnt help so i doubt its overheating
and idk xfx doesnt show me temps
i sent a support ticket seeing if they knew
Those temps are correct and are well within normal range. Could be a driver conflict. Have you upgraded to the newest version of your vga drivers?

Also... what's the wattage on your psu?
also dod temps same settings as ep1: 65o C - 80o C (highest on snoforest, fps killer)

drivers : nvidia series 7 build 162 (last drivers, drivers, before that and drivers of vid card software CD)
600 W PSU
maybe a silly question but, do you have only the 20 / 24 pin psu connector going tot he motherboard, or do you also have the 4 pin connecter as well? i have heard of problems that occure when it is not used but present on mobo.
I am getting that same screen except my pc wont boot up anymore....well it boots up but as soon as the windows is loading screen comes up, it turns into that garbled crap that rogue sniper has. I can start the pc up in safe mode but thats it. Oh the comp is old its an xp3200+ 420w pwr supply with a agp winfast 6800gt 256mb card with newest drivers. Any ideas of what it is???
I think the card might be dead personally but I dont know.

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