What DAP, PMP, Do You Have? (MP3 Player)


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MP3 = MP3 Player
DAP = Digital Audio Player
PMP = Portable Media Player

I currently just bought a Cowon D2 4gb black PMP up from a 1st gen iPod Nano 2gb.

And I must say it is great, it is the first touch enabled DAP and it has great sound quality and many features, it is also expandable by SD and SDHC cards so you can a total of 12gb capacity on highly reliable flash memory!!!

So what DAP's and PMP's do you guys have?
I have a 60GB Black iPod, and 4gb Black iPod Nano... a 2gb Black iPod Nano.. (I won both of the nanos from a radio station.)
i bought a 2 gig ipod shuffle, the tiny clip on versions.

its not actually a shuffle, its a cheap ripoff but it is way better cuz i just drag and drop my songs onto it. NO APPLE SOFTWARE WILL EVER BE ON MY COMPUTER!!
So many iPod owners! Get something different!

And I love being able to drag and drop onto it. (My D2 that is).