I have the most awesome friends ever


Obey your master
I'm at work this morning and I get a UPS package with my name on it. I was expecting a package with a new set of handle bars for my bike but this was way to small to be that. I look at the return address and it's from "MUFC" (Man Utd) in Manchester, England. At this point I'm SUPER confused because I know I didn't order anything from them. I've been holding out 'till after my surgery to get the new 2007/2008 jerseys. I open it, and out ops a jersey WITH MY NAME AND LUCKY NUMBER ON IT. I look through the receipt on the inside and this was written in the "notes" section:


Aaron, Brandon, Stephen, Jenn, and I pooled our money together and got you this. Add it to your collection.


YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN CHEST HAIR UNITED? Someone help these people.... ;0

ARSENAL!!!!!!! GOAL!!!!!!!
arsenal 4 - Man chest hair united -1 (own goal ;))
It really is good to have good friends. Hold onto them mate, they may very well be the most important things you'll ever have.
btw you have an amazing last name.

Lol, thanks, but my nickname was "cacca" all through high school because of it. My senior year my friends tried to shorten my nickname by taking out the last "a".....yeah.....didn't really work too well.
Only a few people get those kinds of friends MOP :) Keep 'em forever!

(And Gestapo, could you please either take the sig off, or make it into..a much smaller signature..thanks!)
buy me one i have so many friends in the states now cuz everone is moving back from korea and they send me shirts and stuff but not stuff that cool....... hope u feel better

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