DOD Origonal sounds!


EGO Is My Life!
hey a few of you guys asked about getting the original sounds from DOD. well i had kendle upload them to his awesome website and now i have a link for anyone to download.

If you dont know, these are the oldest i can find. they are from when DOD was still a MOD and was available to be played on the WON network, wow that was days ago...

well we still play halflife and CS operator and TFC and a lot of this DOD. So hope you guys enjoy the sound clips! Remember to thank Kendle too.
Im pretty sure these were posted a looong time ago on the website. o_O Im talking months.... maybe longer. <_< Ah well thanks anyways.
nice! thank you! ive been looking for the dod 1.3 sniper sounds

*edit...wait...wheres teh springfield shoot dont have it? WHAT IS THIS!?!?!? my life is not complete...:(

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