Custom k98 Sniper Scope WIP


EGO Zealot
This is the new scope I just edited a few minutes ago.... I need to fix the upper right section. (It overlaps and the gradient gets really heavy.)

I want some honest opinions on why its bad... good... what could be changed to make it better etc.. (Ignore the heavy pixel line on the aimpoint I'm fixing it as I post this. :p)

I can't figure out how to fix the overlapping lines. I'm going to zip up all the stuff I used to make it and leave the link here in case anyone wants to use what I have.... or finish what I started =/

Note: ZipFile does not contain version with scope blackout removed. If you guys want me to upload that version I can. :)
Update: I edited the link to another .zipfile with working scope. (Still overlay lines) They're under the useable folder, just read the readme if you need help installing. :)

i like it. you could even do what i did and take out the black circle around your scope and get a super wide view. had the scope that I use now.

I myself use the vertical and horizontal lines too much to just give them up.
Yeah I was thinking that too..... but I want to see how this will work out. What scope do you use? I formerly used the Saving Private Ryan scope or w/e.
I think I might get that. It's really hard to hit small parts of people with axis scope for me. Since it's such a big area that you need to pick the right spot with.
I used.... vtfedit and photoshop. Along with gcfscape. :)

Edit: I'm making the aimpoint smaller and less blurry and centering it. :)
My question is, wouldnt that be considered a hack? I almost would. Editing graphics things like that is boarderline imo. You could easily argue that gives an advantage or disadvantage to other players.

My 2cents.
Anyone know why this is happening?
The upperright section overlapped by 1px Left and 1px Down... so I move the laser in the UpperRight section 1pxUp and 1px Right... and it goes too far? Anyone know how to fix that? :(

....It's on a public server... and most of the players in e have custom skins... o_O;; Yes it'd be considered illegal in competition because it gives you an edge over players because they don't have the same thing as you.... If eGO wanted to stop custom skins and scopes they could enable sv_pure. :)
I see. I dont think ill be editing my scopes and such anytime soon. Seems like a cheat to me.

I was thinking of looking into some custom skins but, I was afraid the game might think they are cheats and ban you for it. Any skins you recommend? Is there a place to look at them?
yeah i had the BoB skins, and they were awesome, but revalations was telling me the other night he jsut installed the 2nd RB skins and they were amazing, so im thinking about getting them, they should both be at
Yeah I already removed those... I still can't figure out how to center the upper right one though. I think I know why most are only 3 bars... the upper two sections are weiiird.
I'm keeping everything I've got as the default skins and models. Personally I like to play along with most all scrim/competition rules --- most especially the ones that would give you an advantage over other players. When I'm sniping the crap out of everyone, I want it to be because I'm good with the weapon, not because I've got a custom scope overlay.

Not a bad job on it, though.
Yeah I've given up on it, I can't figure out how to fix the overlapping lines. I'm going to zip up all the stuff I used to make it and leave the link here in case anyone wants to use what I have.... or finish what I started =/
You're gonna need to get vtfedit Blazing. After that, go into your materials folder, and check around with the stuff. Anything that shows up as .vtf, you can edit it. I'm not sure about creating your own weapons though, for that, you're going to need an actual material editor...and I don't know anything about those... o_O Milwaukee's turn to explain rofl