Crashing during game startup


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Ok, well whenever i start a game, other than steam games, my computer will totally crash. it will restart and when the desktop is on when it restarts it says that windows had a serious error and had to close...any ideas?
Umm.... So it doesnt happen to steam games only other games? Hard to figure something out like this without being at the computer but, it could be a number of things.

Could be hardware issue, or driver issue. Id look at the video card and drivers first. If that aint it, maybe other drivers like OS drivers or motherboard maybe.

Other than that, save yer data and reformat real fast. Sounds like maybe windows issue. :p
ya, i was thinking of reformatting, but not really plan #1 but im gonna try to update all drivers ect.
try downloading direct x again
or update it

if it doesn't work then go ask in the steam forum or contact a steam official.

had some errors with the other message sorru
CPU: AMD Athlon +2600 2.0ghz
Graphics: nVidia 6600
RAM: 1 gig
PSU: ummmmm like 550 watt, Piece of crap :p
Temps: Cpu is idle at about 50 C, Graphics about 50C at idle.
HDD: 20gig main, (idk) 250gig secondary
well i only have like 3 80mm fans running, and some lighting on the front of my case.

hope this is what you were looking for
ohhh well, i just reformatted so i dont think its gonna happen anymore! off to install stuff!!!!!
Yeah. That often is the best bet assuming you arnt one of those people with a gazillion programs to reinstall and massive gigbytes of data.

I guess the vid drivers didnt help?

If it still does it after the format, at least you know its most likely driver related. Maybe settings related, thats kinda hard to figure out sometimes though.
BAH!!!!!! ok, well i reformatted, everything running fine, updated everything. i start oblivion, (i know, my comp cant really run it) and it seems to run fine. i get to the first fight and crap! comp restarts. so, is this probably a hardware issue then?